Financial Indicators

Duolun Technology Financial  Financial Results for Q1 2022 

Unit: Yuan Currency Type: RM

ItemsThe reporting periodChange in the current reporting period over the same period of the previous year (%)
Operating income162,711,090.16-30.01
Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company4,224,720.66-81.03
Net profit excluding extraordinary gain and loss attributable to shareholders of the listed company560,345.93-95.4
Net cash flows from operating activities58,309,301.981,681.10
Basic earnings per share (yuan/share)0.0068-80.95
Diluted earnings per share (yuan/share)0.0068-80.95
Weighted average return on net assets (%)0.27
Decreased by 0.98%

The end of the reporting periodThe end of the previous yearChange at the end of the reporting period over the end of the previous year (%)
Total assets2,984,810,568.692,942,236,134.691.45
Owners' equity attributable to shareholders of the listed company1,592,270,635.281,585,763,369.730.41

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