"Operational Safety Verification of China’s First NEVs and Offline Promotional Event of Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers’ Home" Concluded Successfully in Nanjing

On September 7, 2022, the Operational Safety Verification of China’s First NEVs and Offline Promotional Event of Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers Home came to a successful end at the Duolun Tianyin Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Wang Gang, Deputy Head of the Party Building Office of the CPC Jiangning District Committee, Yuan Li, Vice President of Duolun Technology and General Manager of Duolun Vehicle Inspection Group, Li Ting, Director of the Department of Party-Mass Relations of Jiangning Hi-tech Development Zone, and Li Zhen, Party Committee Member of T3Go, jointly participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony along with dozens of NEV owners and driver representatives of T3Go.

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony



Speech by Yuan Li, Vice President of Duolun Technology and General Manager of Duolun Vehicle Inspection Group




According to the speech by Yuan Li, Vice President of Duolun Technology and General Manager of Duolun Vehicle Inspection Group, Chinas new energy technology and industry are both developing rapidly. As statistics of the Ministry of Public Security suggest, as of the end of June 2022, China owns 10.01 million NEVs and presents a trend of continued rapid growth. NEV operational safety is now in the spotlight. 


Duolun Technology is a participator of the “National Key R&D Programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology” and the only inspection agency member of the National Standardization Committee for Operational Safety Inspection of New Energy Vehicles (the Standardization Committee). It has partnered the Road Traffic Safety Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and other members of the Standardization Committee to work on the R&D and application verification of the technical system and platform for the operational safety inspection of NEVs. In the past two years, with joint efforts with the research group, research progress was made. Todays launch ceremony marks that the Standard has now entered the vehicle verification phase.




The R&D of the National Project of Operational Safety for New Energy Vehicles, standard development and offline verification provide significant value for various fields including the science, society, economy and ecosystem, as they help to realize intelligent identification of multi-source hazards and timely elimination of major hazards during the full life cycle of NEVs; and they improve the industrial development security and efficiency of safety regulation of the government, thereby offering important safeguards for consumers personal and property safety and boosting the healthy growth of Chinas NEVs.

Among the inspection stations that Duolun Technology owns, 24 are selected as national inspection and verification pilots for the operational safety of new energy vehicles, with verification being carried out in cities including Nanjing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Suzhou, and Jinan.




The Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers Home in Duolun Tianyin Inspection Station is developed by Jiangning Hi-tech Development Zone and the Party branch of Duolun Technology. It has been equipped with the automated operation line of electric vehicle inspection, safety verification devices for NEVs, charging piles for NEVs, VIP Star-rated waiting rooms, and Park-Enterprise Linkage System. It focuses on Party building among ridesharing drivers and provides vehicle inspection, charging, rest, free medical consultation, and legal aid services for drivers from ridesharing companies including T3, DiDi, Yadi, and Meituan.


The event intends to encourage workers in new forms of employment, especially ridesharing drivers, to have a part in the social community-level governance and volunteer services in Jiangning High-tech Development Zone, Jiangning District and Nanjing, and assemble a team of pioneers to grow with Nanjing. It also creates a love station integrating study, rest, service, query and publicity for workers in new business & employment forms such as couriers, delivery riders and ridersharing drivers, as well as outdoor workers like sanitation workers, construction workers and parking attendants. 


Visiting the automated operation line for NEV inspection






During the event, attendees visited the automated operation line for NEV inspection of Tianyin Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, where workers demonstrated the safety inspection equipment for NEVs, inspection data analysis, and future application scenarios.


Visiting Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers’ Home





Zhang Lingrong, Party Affairs Worker of Jiangning Hi-tech Development Zone, gave the car owners and ridersharing drivers at the event a full account of the functions and development plans of Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers Home.


Topic Sharing: Online Testing of NEVs





Later, Yu Yu from the NEV Inspection Pilot Application Project shared with NEV owners and ridersharing drivers knowledge on NEV inspection. Car owners at the event were active in the online verification of NEVs.


This event aims to promote the full implementation of the “R&D and application verification of the technical system and platform for the operational safety inspection of NEVs”, and, taking the launch of Ningxiaofeng · Duolun Drivers Home as an opportunity, give play to the Party-Mass services, lead the industrial development of Party building, and enhance the cohesion of workers in new business and employment forms.



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