Duolun Technology’s Core Technology in Smart Transportation Granted a National Invention Patent

Recently, the Method, System, and Electronic Device for Traffic Signal Control Based on Stochastic Policy Gradient applied by Duolun Technology was granted a national invention patent. This invention patent applies the core technology in deep reinforcement learning, stochastic policy gradient, to the optimization algorithm of the signal control schemes at road junctions, thereby realizing rapid pairing between dynamic traffic data at junctions and effective control schemes, which demonstrated Duolun Technologys core technological edges in smart transportation.




The name of the invention patent is Method, System, and Electronic Device for Traffic Signal Control Based on Stochastic Policy Gradient, patent number: ZL 2020  1459044.2. The method proposed by this invention patent is adaptable to the non-linearity, randomness, ambiguity and uncertainty of transportation systems, and helps to achieve synergy among the algorithm model, control system, and control device, marking yet another major achievement of Duolun Technology in AI road network diagnosis and integrated operational platform.




This invention patent has been applied to the companys core products in smart transportation and implemented in multiple provinces and cities including Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and Tangshan, Hebei Province. Smart transportation facilities such as signal control systems at road junctions, multi-mode traffic guidance systems and micro-induction systems at road junctions equipped with this patent are playing a key role in enhancing precision traffic control and fine management and improving residents’ travel experience.


Recent years have seen Duolun Technology’s continued efforts put into promoting smart transportation. It has given full play to the advantage of the professional technology platform, consolidated the development of scientific research and innovation teams, and trained high-caliber talents in smart transportation. This helps to modernize smart transportation and base it more on information and science, facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance the capabilities of science and technology innovation, and improve core competence. Currently, Duolun Technology has obtained 208 national invention patents and sets to make more core invention patents available to guarantee traffic safety in the future. 

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