Duolun Technology has realized smart motor vehicle examination and inspection business jointly with Huawei to bolster digital upgrading in traffic safety

Recently, Duolun Technologys “intelligent review system for motor vehicle examination and inspection” completed the test of its compatibility with Huaweis Atlas 300I Inference Card. This system has realized intelligent motor vehicle examination and inspection business to bolster digital upgrading in traffic safety by employing cutting-edge AI technologies such as object detection, optical character recognition (OCR) and generative adversarial networks (GANs)




According to statistics, by the first half of 2022, the total number of motor vehicles in China has hit 408 million. The traditional motor vehicle inspection process includes the review of pictures and videos captured during inspection through manual work, which not only requires enormous human and material resources, but also leads to low inspection efficiency and difficulty in releasing the huge pressure accumulated in the past years in the motor vehicle inspection.



Targeting industry pain points and challenges, based on the Ascend AI basic software and hardware platform, Duolun Technology debuts “intelligent review system for motor vehicle examination and inspection” in collaboration with Huawei to deliver four benefits to the vehicle inspection business through strong AI inference and video encoding and decoding capabilities:


1. Economical: Automatic review of 3 categories of 18 inspection items including certificate form photos, vehicle appearance photos and inspection position photos can save labor costs by 90%.


2. Accurate: The accuracy of recognition of characters in images with OCR technology and active alarm of abnormalities such as data manipulation can be up to 99%. 


3. Fast: Multi-dimensional data such as review results, time and pass rate can be recorded in real time and the comparison of all information of vehicles completed in 2 seconds.、


4. Widespread: Full coverage of electronic file information during the inspection can support the ongoing optimization of vehicle inspection process through big data analysis.



Flow chart of “intelligent review system for motor vehicle examination and inspection” review 


Partnering Huawei and many others and pooling wisdom of different parties, Duolun Technology continues to makes breakthroughs, grow up with ecological partners and drive the digital economy soaring with AI technology. With a view to realizing intelligent upgrading of various industries, building the AI industry of “co-construction, sharing and win-win” and boosting the construction of digital China.


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