Social Recruitment
Authorized Signatory
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the completeness and accuracy of motor vehicle inspection reports;

2. Keep abreast of testing techniques and limits of testing items;

3. Evaluate testing results, and be familiar with relevant testing standards and testing methods;

4. Understand the regulations on the maintenance and regular verification of equipment, and master the equipment calibration status;

5. Understand the content of review criteria and effectively control the quality level of testing reports.

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a college degree or above of automobile-related specialties, and have more than 3 years of working experience in vehicle maintenance and repair industry;

2. Be preferred to have the qualifications as authorized signatory, and qualifications as vehicle or mechanical intermediate engineer and other similar qualification certificates;

3. Have strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and meticulous work style and professional habits;

4. Familiar with relevant regulations and policies of motor vehicles, and strong ability of coordination and execution.

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Head of Inspection Station
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for organizing and implementing relevant national guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and standards;

2. Responsible for managing the production and operation of the inspection station, and confirming the vehicle testing data and results;

3. Responsible for planning the allocation of testing equipment, and organizing the acceptance, installation and debugging of important instruments and equipment;

4. Responsible for the early-stage planning and relevant guidance for the construction of the inspection station;

5. Examine and approve operation specifications and quality plan, and organize to verify and compare the capability of the inspection station;

6. Take charge of treating customer complaints and accidents occurring in testing. 

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a college degree or above of automobile-related specialties, and have more than 3 years of working experience in vehicle maintenance and repair industry;

2. Be preferred to have working experience in the management of motor vehicle inspection station, the qualifications as authorized signatory, qualifications as vehicle or mechanical intermediate engineer and other similar qualification certificates;

3. Familiar with relevant regulations and policies of motor vehicle inspection institutions and the development trend of this industry;

4. Have strong market insight and operation & management ability;

5. Have good psychological quality and strong ability to resist pressure. 

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Laser Point Cloud Vision Fusion Algorithm Engineer
【 responsibility 】

1.Carry out the development and optimization of lidar point cloud and vision fusion algorithm;

2.Develop the algorithms such as registering, segmentation and surface features identification, etc. based on 3D point cloud data and visual information;

3.Responsible for the building of 3D point cloud treatment and analysis software system, and complete code writing, testing and maintenance work;

4.Responsible for 3D point cloud post-treatment algorithm research and code realization;

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a master’s degree or above, and more than 3 years of relevant working experience;

2. Have good experience in C/C++ programming, and be familiar with PCL and data structure and algorithm in common use;

3. Familiar with the characteristics of laser point cloud, and have the experience in laser point cloud algorithm development, such as point cloud denoising and filtration, segmentation, registering, and feature extraction;

4. Be preferred to have experience in high-precision positioning, robot, SLAM algorithm;

5. Have strong learning ability, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and strong ability of logical thinking and expression;

6. Have good ability to do teamwork and read English literature;

Range of monthly salary: RMB20,000-RMB40,000

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Scientific Research Doctor
【 responsibility 】

1. Robust and efficient technology for agile architecture of traffic big data;

2. AI optimization and control technology of traffic signals based on multi-mode sensing data;

3. Analysis on the cause for traffic jam and the technology for solving urban traffic jam based on traffic big data;

4. Analysis on OD characteristics of traffic flow areas in urban road network, and technology for organization and optimization of traffic flow;

5. Research on the smart traffic system based on Internet of Vehicles and vehicle-road coordination; 

6. Technology for situation forecast based on knowledge graph and auxiliary decision-making for emergency command;

7. Research on relevant technology for real-time dynamic driving environment target identification based on multi-sensor information fusion;

8. Automatic three-dimensional modeling technology based on the point cloud and image data fusion;

9. Realization of engine for real-time image object detection based on deep learning. 

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a doctor’s degree of relevant specialties (or be able to obtain a doctor’s degree in 2020), be excellent in character and learning, in good health, and aged below 35.

2. Have strong scientific research ability, professional dedication and teamwork spirit, and be able to complete post-doctoral scientific research work diligently and responsibly. 

3. Meet the needs of Duolun Technology’s strategic planning and new technology research & development plans in terms of research direction, and be able to develop research at Duolun Technology Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation as a full-time member. 

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Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the research and development of computer vision algorithm and deep learning algorithm according to product and project needs;

2. Responsible for the research & development and realization of video analysis and application, such as target tracking, re-identification, and action detection;

3. Responsible for the network design and optimization of models related to machine learning and deep learning based on application scenarios;

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a master’s degree, have more than two years of working experience, and be majored in computer vision, image processing, model identification, and machine learning;

2. Acquire proficiency in any open-source framework of deep learning, such as Caffe, MxNet, Tensorflow, Cuda-convnet, Torch;

3. Be preferred to have experience in vision-related projects, such as face recognition, gesture recognition, target tracking, surface quality testing;

4. Be preferred to have relatively strong C/C++ programming ability, and experience in developing actual projects of intelligent video processing;

5. Rigorous and meticulous, and have the sense of responsibility, and good sense of innovation and team spirit;

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Senior Engineer in Computer Vision Algorithm
【 responsibility 】

1. Carry out exploratory research and innovation of algorithms related to the intelligent analysis and processing of images/ videos based on business scenarios;

2. Responsible for the tackling of difficult points in the technologies of objects (pedestrians, vehicles, general objects) detection, classification, tracking, identification, image understanding, image quality assessment and enhancement, and video analysis, as well as the research & development and realization of prospective technologies;

3. Pay attention to the frontier research in relevant directions of deep learning, excavate hot spots of research, and achieve technical breakthroughs;

【 Job specification 】

1. Have more than five/ two years of working experiences as a master/ doctor, be majored in image processing, model identification, or machine learning, and be preferred to have a strong background of mathematics/ statistics;

2. Be preferred to be proficient in Python.C++, have a deep understanding of TensorFlow, pytorch, Caffe, have a deep understanding on SSD, Faster R-CNN.Mask R-CNN, Yolo, etc. and have implemented them in industry;

3. Be preferred to have strong ability to read English files and papers, and have issued relevant papers on machine learning at international top-ranking meetings or periodicals (including but not limited to CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NIPS, ICML, ICLR, AAAI);

4. Have excellent communication ability, good service spirit and teamwork ability, and strong sense of responsibility;

Apply immediately
Traffic Engineer
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the design of traffic signal control products, and compile relevant technical schemes;

2. Responsible for research of traffic engineering technologies, translate traffic semantics, and guide software research and development;

3. Take charge of support for the operation and maintenance services of traffic signal control;

【 Job specification 】

1. Familiar with professional knowledge on traffic planning, traffic control and management, road traffic flow analysis, vehicle-road coordination, etc.;

2. Be preferred to be skilled in the use of software related to traffic planning and simulation (Vissim.TransCAD, etc.), and have the ability of secondary development;

3. Be preferred to be familiar with basic methods for data statistics and analysis, and have experience in algorithm design;

4. Have good ability of literature reading and review, file compilation and oral expression;

5. Be preferred to have good self-learning ability, and strong interest in automatic drive and artificial intelligence.

6. Adapt to short-term business trips. 

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GIS Development Engineer
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the processing of geographic information and data;

2. Responsible for the compilation and technical support of GIS project files;

3. Responsible for the application, research and development of GIS map;

【 Job specification 】

1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or above in the GIS-related specialties, such as geographic information system, surveying and mapping engineering, etc.;

2. Familiar with a kind of mainstream GIS software, and CAD software;

3. Deeply understand the theoretical knowledge of GIS, know about the basic principles of geographic information system, and be familiar with the technology for processing of space data and image graphs;

4. Be preferred to have certain programming foundation, be familiar with the use of javascript language, and have WEB GIS development ability;

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Software Engineer
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for project development plan, development process, supervision and control, and guarantee project development to achieve the expected effects;

2. Responsible for the research & development of key technologies, and the coding & realization of core modules;

3. Take charge of technical instructions for team members, code walkthrough, control of system design, control of demand boundary, organization and management of development, etc.;

4. Responsible for communication with customers, collect customer demands, and improve products and businesses. 

【 Job specification 】

1. Proficient in java language, know about C#, python and other languages, and have abundant experience in software development and project management.

2. Proficient in mainstream java framework, and familiar with distributed, cache, communication, cluster, big data and other technologies;

3. Proficient in mainstream relationship data Oracle, Mysql, etc.; and be familiar with common commands under linux;

4. Familiar with Jsp/Servlet, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, html5, Css and other web technologies;

5. Proficient in project design and management tools, such as pdm, visio, project, and mind mapping;

6. Be preferred to have experience in the development of systems for public security and traffic industries;

7. Be preferred to have experience in GIS data processing and development. 

Apply immediately
System Architect
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the design and optimization of technical architecture for project systems;

2. Responsible for development team’s development mode promotion, training, technical instruction, and code quality examination;

3. Compile the architecture and code template of core functions, develop and maintain the public core modules of systems;

4. Lead the communication with customers’ teams, transform relevant business needs into technical needs, and promote the efficient implementation of businesses;

【 Job specification 】

1. Proficient in JAVA and familiar with C#, Python and other languages, and have ever participated in the design and development of three or more large-scale projects;

2. Proficient in software development process, know about the common design modes, and be proficient in mainstream design thoughts, development models and tools, such as SOA, microservice, and agile development;

3. Proficient in Oracle, Mysql and other databases and familiar with database modeling, and have abundant experience in database design, master-slave databases, management in dividing the region and table, and SQL skills;

4. Have good file compilation ability and habit, good abstract and logical thinking ability, and the ability to analyze and solve problems independently;

5. Be preferred to have experience in the design and development of systems for public security, traffic management, and traffic industry;

6. Be preferred to be proficient in the design of system architecture of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and distributed application. 

Apply immediately
Project Manager
【 responsibility 】

1. Responsible for the in-sale management of the company’s many key projects in many areas, including a series of project management and practical operation, such as detailed design of projects, management of field construction, collection of completion materials, and project acceptance and handover;

2. After winning the bid for project contracts according to requirements, project manager shall organize and instruct field project manager and construction unit to survey and design the construction site, make clear the construction workload, plot construction drawings, prepare the construction scheme and schedule; organize regional pre-sale technical manager to deeply design relevant technical content (carry out demand investigation and functional improvement for software project), prepare detailed design scheme and organize construction team to make arrangements for construction;

3. Check the quality, safety and hidden works of construction site regularly, and send a rectification notification in time on rectification within a time limit if discovering problems; effectively control the full-process quality, safety and progress of projects, and guarantee the smooth implementation and completion acceptance of projects; summarize the information of various projects, and report such information regularly;

4. Take charge of arrangements and instructions for specific construction of projects, including the overall process, implementation preparation, requirements on system functions, equipment installation and debugging, completion acceptance requirements;

5. Take charge of support for projects, and provide construction consulting services and project implementation instructions to regional branch companies and customers. 

【 Job specification 】

1. Be preferred to have more than 2 years of project management experience in security projects (security city, intelligent traffic), public security, etc.;

2. Familiar with project construction and management process, and have strong ability of linguistic expression, coordination and communication;

3. Understand each process, section and relevant departments involving construction examination and approval, and instruct to complete various formalities before project construction;

4. Familiar with technical schemes, and be able to organize the compilation of detailed design and construction organization design scheme; and be familiar with contracts, commencement of work, and acceptance process;

5. Observe the arrangements of the company’s leaders, and adapt to frequent short-term trips to all over the country. 

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Note: The above personnel, once employed, will enjoy the “five insurances and housing fund”, paid annual leave, high salary treatment, and bonus incentive regulated by the country.

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